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Green Earth

One of the burning issues faced by us, human today, is Global Warming. We are already experiencing the harmful consequences of global warming like change in climate, tsunamis, earthquakes, rise in sea level etc. As educated and enlightened people we should be aware of the various processes that contribute to global warming. There is a dire need to enlighten the people on global warming.

Awareness programmes for all the classes on Global Warming are conducted .All the students are given pamphlets on Global Warming. We constantly remind the students to reduce the usage of plastic bags. Infact polythene covers and plastic bags are banned on the campus. Many students of our school celebrate their birthdays by planting a sapling. Pin up Board competitions are conducted to inculcate in the students a sense of responsibility towards a Greener Earth.


Bring awareness and understanding about climate change amongst students and teachers.

Organize regular online and on the spot competitions- debate, quiz, painting, story writing – and other interesting activities that will make the students responsible to Mother Earth.