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The Literary Club, one of the pioneer clubs of the school hones, develops and fine tunes the latent skills of the students. The writing, speaking and debating skills are thus almost completely developed by the time they reach Class X.

Since competition is the mother of training and growth, the students compete with each other to win a place in the top slot. The students represent their houses or groups to bring points and the final trophy for their house.

Essay writing, Elocution and Debates are conducted in English, Telugu and Hindi. After a preliminary round the selected students reach the finals. At the finals the students are judged by external judges. For each event the three judges give their marks for the students based on their content, style, accuracy and presentation. The total of the three judges then decides the winner of the event. Throughout the whole procedure, care is taken to ensure that the events are conducted in a fair and just manner, so that the atmosphere of healthy competition is retained at all times, apart from imbibing the policy of fairness and fairplay in the students.

A Coordinator for the club is appointed at the beginning of each academic year. He or she is assisted by the Secretary and Asst.Secretaries in the smooth conduct of the events.