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Maths Science

Every child is a born genius. Talent search club in NSM is a platform that presents the young minds, the opportunity of testing out scientific concepts and problem solving skills in Maths & Science, learnt in the school. A successful life emerges out from a healthy and sound mind. Maths & Science Club is an effort to help the students to develop their skills, sharpen their personality to excel and enjoy the learning process.

Talent tests in Maths & Science is conducted for the registered students from classes 3rd to 10th. Apart from this National Cyber Olympiad, National science Olympiad, International Maths Olympiad, Asset test in Maths & Science, Unified Council NSTSE in Maths & Science are also conducted.


  • Application of knowledge of subjects to daily life
  • Nurturing the problems solving and critical analysis skill
  • Tapping the divergent and convergent thinking of the student.